Set Your Intentions for this New Year

Happy New Year


2015! Can you believe it?

I’ve been reflecting on 2014 and planning for 2015. I guess you could say I set New Year’s resolutions…

I’m excited to see what this New Year brings, though I’m a little sad to see 2014 go. All-in-all, it was a great year for me. The good run of 2014 didn’t start at January 1, 2014 – it actually began on December 8, 2013. That was my 39th birthday. To be completely honest with you, I was shocked that I had only one year left in my 30s. It just seemed crazy to me that so much time had passed. I was satisfied with my accomplishments to that point. I was happy with my 30-something life, but it just didn’t seem 40-worthy (whatever the heck that means). That weird feeling in my gut – that longing of sorts – drove me to live 2014 with intention and set me up for an awesome year.

As you plan for 2015, what are your intentions?

Intention leads to action which leads to results. You know how this works. If you just applied to business school, consider when you set your intentions on getting an MBA, which then led you to take the GMAT, research schools, etc., which led to submitting applications -hopefully good quality ones that will lead to acceptance to b-school. So what’s next now that apps are submitted – what are your intentions as you anticipate starting business school in the fall?

I know it sounds odd to ask that question as so many prospective MBAs are hard-charging, Type A sorts who managed to apply to business school while working full-time. Yet my experience in working with aspiring and current MBA students has shown me that an overwhelming number don’t plan for their actual business school experience. In fact, this is what led me to write The MBA Slingshot for Women, which was published last year (part of my fabulous 2014!)

As you start this year, consider what you intend for your business school experience – not the well-articulated musings in your MBA application essays, but rather the feeling in your gut – like what I felt on my 39th birthday. You must clearly define your intentions for 2015 and for business school. This resolve and determination will guide your actions and ultimately the results that you achieve this year and beyond.

Happy New Year!


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Nicole Lindsay is a recognized expert in career development and diversity in graduate management education. She is a non-profit executive, and former MBA admissions officer and corporate MBA recruiter. Nicole is author of The MBA Slingshot For Women: Using Business School to Catapult Your Career and MBAdvantage: Diversity Outreach Benchmarking Report.

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