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    Are you prepared for business school?

    The MBA Slingshot for Women

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    Are MBA programs making the grade in diversity recruiting?

    Discover how top MBA programs rate on their Diversity Admissions efforts

Our Mission

DiversityMBAPrep.com aims to significantly increase diversity at top MBA programs by providing honest, pointed insight and direction to applicants and to business schools.

MBA Application Process

  • Determine If Business School is Right for You
  • Understand What Admissions Officers Expect
  • Strengthen Your Profile and Build Your Network



The MBAdvantage: Diversity Outreach Benchmarking Report delivers an innovative framework for evaluating graduate business schools on their diversity recruitment practices.

Recent Posts

We offers tips and insights on the MBA application process and on diversity issues. Our goal is to demystify the process to help women and minority candidates get admitted  business school.

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Check out these videos for tips on navigating the application process, from covering the cost of business school to understanding what admissions officers are thinking.